Rugby World Cup 2019

But first, Rugby!


Where better to be during this time than at your favourite restaurant The Crazy Horse!


With 17 flat screen Tv’s all over our restaurant and bars, we ensure that you get the full experience during the World Cup season. Not only that, but we also have fabulous specials to keep you filled and fuelled up for the best supporting energy!


Don’t forget about our Brandy specials currently running! We’ve got our double Richelieu & mix special for R20 as well as our World Cup Olof Bergh special. The Olof Berg special will only be running for the duration of the World Cup. Every day between 10:00 and 18:00 you get your Double Olof Bergh & mix for only R18!


1/4 Finals for this weekend, who’s ready to support?!


HoofHeart x


HEY all you AMAZING Horseshoe Inn going people that we love to see!!


Since it’s October, we would LOVE to give a little something back to you! For the month of October only, why not come spend your days at our Crazy Horse restaurant and find out all the different ways we can surprise you?


With our Octoberfest special, you can get the best out of every day!


300g Pork Belly R99

800g-1kg Eisbein R120

250g Wiener Schnitzel R99

Savoury Bratwurst, Honey & Mustard & Garlic roll R99


All meals will be served with Sauerkraut.


So what are you waiting for? Meet you in the restaurant? :)


HoofHeart x


Exciting News!

Dear Horseshoe Fam!


We have EXCELLENT news, you know it JUST FOR YOU!! Our best yet has recently started! now available @ the Horseshoe Inn, Crazy Horse restaurant, is our GREAT Mix Grill! The good news is the Mix grill will be a daily special, it includes a chop, boerewors, steak and 2 eggs with chips for ONLY R99!! We assure you, you do NOT want to miss this! Come pop by, we’ve got lots to offer!


Looking forward to seeing you!


HoofHeart x


A very, very happy birthday to one of our own. The guy with the smile! Happy birthday dear Sammy, we hope you have a wonderful, festive day to celebrate this special day of yours! Thank you for always giving your best and brightening up our duller days.

HoofHeart x


Welcome to Horseshoe Inn’s first official blog post on our brand new website!

Wow, I’ve got to say, I’m so excited to start this journey with all our current, absolutely amazing, clients and customers, you guys feel more like family to the Horseshoe Group at this point. To the rest of you who might be joining us for the first time or haven’t been with us yet, get ready because we are going to blow you away!

Our blog will regularly be updated with the latest news, specials and inside stories, so prepare yourself for exciting times ahead! Feel free to browse through the website to familiarise yourself with the newest on our accommodation, conferences and restaurant info!

Hope you have a wonderful day and an even better weekend waiting on you!

HoofHeart x